SPN Papers

SPN Paper 1; (2002)
Modernising the Social Model in Mental Health: A discussion paper
Maria Duggan with Andrew Cooper & Judy Foster

SPN Paper 2:  (2002)
What is the Knowledge Base and Where Does it Come From
Maria Duggan

SPN Paper 3:   (2002)
Start Making Sense…Developing social models to understand and work with mental distress
Notes from an SPN Study Day

SPN Paper 4: (2003)
Where you stand affects your point of view. Emancipatory approaches to mental health research.
Notes from an SPN Study Day

SPN Paper 5:  (2003)
“Falling Through the Gaps”
Looking for ways to fill the spaces between mental health services for children, young people and adults

SPN Paper 6: (2004)
“Integration of Health and Social Care”
Promoting social care perspectives within integrated mental health services

SPN_paper_7: (2005)
Women and Mental Health; Turning rhetoric into reality –sharing practice perspectives and strategies for action on
women’s mental health

SPN Paper 8;  (2005)
Work for Health

SPN Paper 9  (2006)
Reaching the Spirit

SPN Paper 10 (2006)
Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Immigration Detainees

SPN Paper 11 (2007)
Recovery and Diversity

SPN Paper 12 (2008)
Notes for a Study Day on Personalisation.
Joint SCIE and SPN Publication

Values and Methodologies in Mental Health;  A Position Paper (2006)
Jerry Tew, Nick Gould, Deian Abankwa, Helen Barnes, Peter Beresford, Sarah Carr, Jeanette Copperman, Shula Ramon, Diana Rose, Angela Sweeney and Louise Woodward

Our Health, Our Care, Our Say (2007)
The opportunities and challenges of contemporary policy for people complex mental health needs.
Joint CSIP and SPN Study Day.

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