Going , not with a bang but a splash.     

It is with much regret that I have to tell all SPN members that I stood down from chairing the SPN Trustee Board  at our meeting last month.  I have been associated with SPN for a very long time and  thought it was about time we had new ideas and greater contact with the real world of mental health as I am getting somewhat out of touch.
It gives me great pleasure therefore to tell you that as from our last Trustee Board meeting our new chair will be Jane Shears. Jane is well known to many of you and has many good and highly relevant contacts – she also has huge enthusiasm and lots of new ideas for SPN’s future. Jane is a great asset and I am confident that you will all help her and that SPN will be in good hands.
My time has been helped by many colleagues. This includes those who were employed by SPN such as Jean, Raza and Vicky all of whom enabled SPN to develop projects and move forward our principles and values. Over the years, all of the Trustee Board, the Executive Committee, the Co chairs and you the members have been most supportive and made it easier for me.  I especially wish to thank Terry Bamford for his tireless hard work and good natured advice on many occasions. Without Terry I would have found it all so much harder, if not impossible.
It has been a great privilege for me to have been the Chair of SPN, and I hasten to add that you are not rid of me yet as I will continue as a Trustee. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity with SPN.
And now for a more personal bit. I am after your money!
I reached a rather too big birthday recently and as result I am undertaking a series of personal challenges over this year. The most immediate one is a BIG SWIM in aid of The Samaritans of the Isle of Wight. On July 26th I am swimming across the Solent from the mainland to the Isle of Wight. This is about 1 ¼ miles and through busy shipping lanes, strong tides and perilously near the Needles. I am truly terrified. The Samaritans is a great charity which has to raise all its own funding and I am hoping to raise £1000 through donations. Whilst it is Isle of Wight Samaritans they answer calls from across the UK and hence it could be for anyone anywhere who is troubled or even suicidal. In times of austerity, and benefit reductions I cannot but believe there is even more need of their listening
ear. Their values and principles match those of SPN .
So please please help me by giving as generous a donation as you can through the Just giving link below. This is totally safe and secure.
I would also appreciate it if you could pass this on to anyone else who may be able to support me.
I want to make every stroke count
Hopefully  thank you.
Contact for just giving is
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